Bevel and Mitre Box

2-in-1 product for precise baseboards

  • for measuring angles and subsequently sawing precise mitres, e.g. for baseboards
  • for tracing 85° – 180° angles and automatically transferring the mitre angle without errors to the saw
  • integrated guide pins for the handsaw enable the precise sawing of baseboards
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Product description

The bevel gauge and mitre box for measuring and sawing precise mitres is a clever 2-in-1 product that guarantees you perfectly fitted baseboards, eliminating the need for an angular bevel gauge. You will also save yourself the tedious and error-prone task of transferring the correct angle to the saw. Measure corners from 85-180° conveniently using the two moving arms. In the second step, place the baseboard in the guides provided and saw using the backsaw. The automatic angle bisector using 2 guide pins ensures precise mitres. Using the bevel and mitre box, you will be able to achieve perfect baseboard transitions even in the most skewed of corners that old buildings have to offer.

Suitable for material

very suitable suitable for baseboards up to a width of 30 mm


2-in-1 product, replaces bevel and mitre box and makes possible measuring and cutting in one work step
2 moving arms for measuring angles of 85-180°
integrated guide pins for the handsaw enable the precise and error-free sawing of mitres
sturdy and durable thanks to high-quality design

Technical data

angle 85 – 180 °




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