Hammer Pulling Ledge


3-in-1 product for joint-free connection of laminate and parquet

  • replaces hammer, tapping block and pulling ledge – ideal tool for the last row of planks
  • reduces the error rate to zero and rules out injuries and damage caused by the hammer
  • can be used in push or pull direction, for panels with a thickness of 7 mm and above
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Product description

The hammer pulling ledge is a unique 3-in-1 product for connecting laminate and parquet without any joints. It combines hammer, tapping block and pulling ledge. The ergonomically shaped plastic cradle serves as a handle that you can pull or push forcefully against the rear stop. The integrated pulling ledge now transfers the force evenly and in a manner that protects the material to the edge of the laminate. The hammer pulling ledge really shows its worth on the last row of planks: the gap between the wall and expansion joint is often too narrow to use a hammer and pulling ledge and inevitably involves a high risk of errors. With the hammer pulling ledge, you will overcome this challenge without mishap, as injuries and damage are ruled out. The hammer pulling ledge can be used for laminate thicknesses from 7 – 13 mm. Never before has it been so easy to lay laminate and parquet without gaps – effectively and in a controlled manner.

Suitable for material

very suitable laminate, parquet, wood flooring


3-in-1 product replaces hammer, tapping block and pulling ledge – saves space and money
clever mechanism allows for controlled force transfer to protect the edge of the laminate
pulling surface fits into narrow gaps to tighten boards adjacent to walls
ergonomically shaped plastic cradle for convenient handling
equipped for all challenges as it can be used for pushing or pulling

Technical data

product width 170 mm
product height 80 mm
dimensions product (w x d x h) 410 x 170 x 80 mm
working width 150 mm
working height 7 Zentimeter





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