Drill gauge for perfect corner, T-butt and edge-to-edge joints in boards/wood

  • for making perfect edge-to-edge, corner and T-butt joints with dowel pins with 6, 8, 10 mm Ø
  • suitable for boards with a thickness of 12–30 mm, adjustable without tools
  • Guide bushes and integrated stop pin for error-free positioning of the drill holes
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The universal and quick dowelling jig for corner, T-butt and edge-to-edge connections

  • for 6, 8 and 10 mm dowel pins
  • for board thicknesses from 12 – 30 mm
  • packaging: double blister

Product description

With the dowelmaster from wolfcraft, you can make perfect dowel joints at the first go even without previous knowledge. Align drill holes for corner, T-butt and edge-to-edge joints without any errors using the adjustable stop, three integrated drill guide bushes for round dowel pins and two centring bolts. The high-quality, impact-resistant plastic design and the steel drill guide bushes for 6, 8 and 10 mm dowel pins ensure outstanding stability and high durability. With its ergonomically shaped handle, the dowelmaster rests comfortably in the hand, making it a fast drill gauge for almost every work situation. Face drill holes and edge-to-edge joints Adjust the drill bit depth stop to the board thickness and dowel length (you do not need additional tools for this). Place the dowelmaster on the face edge of the board and secure it between the two centring bolts. Now you can drill into the exact centre of the face side of the board. For edge-to-edge joints, clamp both boards to the workbench. Push the dowelmaster with the guide slot over the inserted dowel pin in the first board and drill through the bush. Corner joints For corner joints, start by drilling all the holes in the face side as described above. Glue the dowel pins into the face holes and then adjust the stop of the dowelmaster to them. To do this, guide the dowel pin into the appropriate bush, align the stop with the side of the board and secure the position using the adjusting screw. Then lay the face board on the undrilled board. The dowelmaster accommodates the dowel pin in the guide slot. You can start drilling once the stop is seated firmly against the lower board edge. T-butt joints The wolfcraft dowelmaster makes short work of T-butt joints too. Once you have drilled the first board on the face side and the dowel pins are firmly glued in place, start working on the counterpart. Draw the middle of the bottom on the side board and clamp the bottom with the already glued dowel pins 4 cm away from this line. Push the dowelmaster with the correct guide slot over the dowel pin and drill through the bush on the top of the dowelmaster. Now the boards are ready to be glued.


drilling template with three guide slots arranged at right angles and drill guide bushes for properly aligned dowel holes
special geometry for edge-to-edge, corner and T-butt joints
adjustable stop with fixing screw for exact alignment with the workpiece without the need for tools
high-quality plastic design and steel guide bushes for stability and durability
ergonomically shaped handle and high clamping force for comfortable use
versatile in use for boards with a thickness of 12–30 mm

tool area for 6, 8 and 10 mm dowel pins
for boards with a thickness of 12 – 30 mm






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