Angular Bevel Gauge


For automatic angle bisector

  • to measure the wall angle and automatically display the correct cutting angle
  • integrated angle stop to mark angles easily
  • magnet to attach it securely onto the saw
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With the angular bevel gauge, you can record the wall angle of a room precisely and easily. You will also benefit from the automatic display of the cutting angle, with which you can now set all mitre-box saws without any errors. In addition to the integrated angle stop, the angular bevel gauge also has a scale and an integrated magnet, enabling you to adjust it easily and securely on the saw. In this way you can create accurate angle cuts from 30 – 180° with ease. The angular bevel gauge is made from robust, high-quality plastic and is a durable companion for numerous installation tasks.


automatic display of the cutting angle makes the work easier and reduces errors
simple display of angles thanks to the integrated stop
magnet for simple adjustment on the saw

Technical data

Angle min – max 30 – 180°
Material Plastic