5 Piece Profile Bit Set 8mm Shank


For precise milling work using the router and stationary milling motor

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Wolfcraft 5 Piece Profile Router Bit Set ø 8 mm Shank .

  • machine: routers
  • for creating round profiles
  • profile cutter carried in ball bearings
  • universal use through the extended shank, both for freehand-milling and for stationary use
  • material: TCT
  • shank length 40 mm
  • max. 22,000 RPM
  • in 2-component plastic box with lid

Suitable for material

very suitable Hardwood, Chipboard, Fibre board, Plastic-coated chipboard


for creating round profiles
extended shank enables universal use, both for freehand milling and for stationary use

Technical data

material tungsten carbide tipped
shaft diameter 8 mm
shaft length 40 mm
speed of rotation max. 22,000 rpm
further product specification profile cutter carried in ball bearings

Scope of delivery

Inhalt 1 semi core box bit, TCT, Ø 22 x 9.5 mm, r 6.5 mm
1 chamfering cutter, TCT, Ø 31 x 12.5 mm, 45°
1 round-over bit, TCT, Ø 25 x 11 mm, r 6.5 mm
1 round-over bit, TCT, Ø 31 x 16 mm, r 9.5 mm
1 profile cutter, TCT, Ø 38 x 19 mm, r 6.5 mm
parts in the set 5 pcs.


packaging offer two-component plastic box with lid





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